Top 5 Best Male Masturbators

The Top Male Masturbators 2018

According to personal experience, customer reviews, and independent review sites (as of 2018) :

1 # Onyx 2 ($249)

2 # Tenga Flip Hole Black ($89)

3 # Hot Octopus Pulse 3 ($149)

4 # REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator ($169)

5 # HEPS Oral Sex Simulator Male Masturbator ($113)

6 # ElectraStim Jack Socket ($118)

7 # Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager ($219)

REV1000 – Number 3 Ranked Male Masturbator in 2017

Best Disposable Masturbator? Fifi and Tenga Eggs

If you’re just want a one and done no mess masturbation with little or no cleanup required, then you have two great choices when it comes to male masturbators.

One of the most revolutionary male sex toys of 2017 was the fifi. Not because it’s overly sophisticated but simply because it’s a very good masturbator that gets the job done and requires absolutely no cleaning afterwards. Well, that’s what you’d expect from a disposable male sex toy, but the ingenious thing about the fifi is that the toy itself is not disposable, only the sleeve is! Ten disposable sleeves cost under $8, so less than a dollar a tug after a one time small investment of $15 for the masturbator itself.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated then most male sex toy fans will know that the right choice is a Tenga Egg. These incredible Japanese masturbators are intended to be fully disposable but they will give you a wank comparable to the best blowjob of your life. They come in a huge variety of forms and textures, and if you use a condom you can of course use them multiple times.

Tenga Eggs generally cost from around $10 – Buy at LoveHoney

Tenga Eggs Flip Male Sex Toys

The World’s Most Advanced Masturbator – The Kiiro Onyx

Touch your Partner online!

The KIIROO Onyx is without doubt the most advanced male masturbator ever made. Instead of moving manually, it contracts with rings controlled by another Onyx. In other words, it is the world’s first genuine teledildonics sex toy. It allows you to see, hear and feel someone else, creating a new experience of intimacy online as the other person pleasures you. Inside is a removable, washable, Fleshlight® Superskin that makes the feeling as real as possible.

On the outside is the touch pad for the control of other devices, using a simple swipe. This makes the Onyx a two-way device that can both send and receive tactile data. Moreover, the device can be used solo with three modes of pumping as standard. Because the device can be connected online, we can also offer updates and improvements regularly.

Click to visit the home page of the Kiiro Onyx male masturbator

Lovehoney O Force Powerful Male Vibrator

lovehoney-o-forceLovehoney O Force ($49)

The O Force Male Vibrator appears to be Lovehoney’s take on the wildly popular Cobra Libra, which itself was acclaimed as the first true vibrator for men.  Many customers who have tried both toys rate this above even the Cobra.  The O Force has 5 different speed settings, and what is more, allows you to slide your penis in deep and thereby vibrating the entire shaft as well as the head and tip.

Best Pocket Masturbator – Sue Johanson’s Super Head Honcho

super head  honchoSue Johanson Super Head Honcho ($18)

The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho is one of the most famous male masturbators, and rightly so.  Costing less than $20, the Honcho is compact, light, made from stretchy  for ease of entry, and has the kind of gloriously ribbed interior and complex suction chambers normally found only on expensive Japanese masturbators.

O.K, this might not be durable enough to last you for years, but that’s because you’ll be using it so often.  Easily the best pocket masturbator in this price range.

Best Automatic Masturbator – The Autoblow

The Autoblow is the world’s first automatic blowjob machine – an fully automated male masturbator that sucks your dick as good as a pro!  The difference is that the Autoblow even feels better than the real thing.  Not only that, but you can use the Autoblow for hundreds of blowjobs costing you just one initial investment of only $100!

banner 2 autoblow