Best Vibrating Masturbator – Cobra Libre

Cobra LibreCobra Libre ($139)

The Cobra Libre is the world’s first true male vibrator.  It’s a male masturbator quite unlike any other.  It’s not a stroker, and you don’t thrust into it.  You simply let the smooth vibrating motors of the sports car shaped masturbator massage your penis head.  The feeling using this thing is sublime.

The Cobra Libre is easy to clean, and looks more like a toy car than a male masturbator – you could keep this on your windowsill and the neighbours won’t suspect that you are in sexual seventh heaven when they hear it’s motors roar!

The toy is actually pretty quiet, but the motors are powerful enough, and send quite a delicious buzz all the way through your penis.  The result is like a cross between an erotic massage and your best wank ever.